Great Blue Heron


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Great Blue Heron


Nest #1 & #2

Before going any farther let me point out a couple of facts here.
On the left is nest #1. Its mate was killed on the road about a mile away from the nest site.
True, we can only speculate about this. While driving back to the motel one afternoon I found an adult
G/B Heron on the road dead. After that no mate ever came to the nest #1 to help with the feeding. The remaining bird leaves the nest every now & then and returns to feed the 2 chicks.

The right hand two birds, can you tell which neck belongs to which bird?


This is nest #2. There are 3 chicks in the nest. I hope to get a photo of all 3 in the future.


Only 2 chicks showing in this #2 nest of 3.


Looks as if the bird is saying "Poor fellow, he's lost his mate".


As of 05/14/03 I can now see the 3 chicks in one of these nest.



The last time I will be able to photograph these Herons.

May 11th. 03




They will be gone by the time I can return so I won't try to again to make that 200 mile trek.

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