03/02/2006 release of 6 Condors into the wild.

3 male Condors and 3 female Condors were releast.

Taking photos from over one & 1/2 miles away is not a good thing.

About dead center in this photo is where the release site is a top that mountain.
I gong to guess it has to be a mile and a half from here to the top.


Arrow pointing to the release pen a top the mountain.

Now just how is anyone suppose to take a photo that far a way??

The wind was blowing approx. 20 MPH so no matter how you tied your camera down it still was vibrating from the wind.


It won't be a good photo but here goes, I will put put on my 500 mm lens and a 2X tele-convert.

That makes my lens a 1000 mm lens.

#1 Condor still inside it pen. #2 Condor perched on top of the release pen. #3 two Condors still inside.


Inasmuch as the photos are so bad this is all I am going to put on.

#1 Condor flying. #2 Condor with wings out on top of the pen. #3 Condor inside pen. #4 two Condors inside pen.


The crowd seen was about the same as the last time I was there.


Please note that I may have used a couple of images from the first time I was there.

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