The California Condors
as they soar over and perch on the cliff rocks at the South rim of the Grand Canyon

I am glad you came to view the Condors
Please enjoy yourself and return often


Condor with a wing tag number 99 is in reality Condor number 299.

Sometimes I wonder about those who came up with this numbering system.

Condor 99 or 299 is a male, hatched 04/17/03

Photographed 09/15/06 flying over the south rim of the Grand Canyon
out in front of the Bright Angel Lodge.



It isn't to often you can get a photo from the top side.




I find it most difficult to point your camera towards the bright sky and get a good image of a black bird.


This image is not up-side down. The Condor is flying away from me.


You can see its crop is bulging full of food.



Well, I guess it's had enough of soaring over me so I could get a few photos.

As you can see I really am having fun with my new digital camera.

I have just come back from a 5 day stay at the South Rim.


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