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Sweetwater Wet Lands, Tucson, Arizona

For birder's visiting Arizona it's a nice place to bird.

You know it's easier to go to where you are use to gong than trying to tell someone else how to get there.

Anyway, here goes;
Off I-10 north of Tucson, Arizona at exit 254, take the Prince road exit west.
At the "T" intersection turn right onto (Business Center Dr.).
You will have to turn left in a short while onto River Park Dr.;
just follow this road as it meanders around.
In a bit you will be headed east and looking at the Interstate ahead of you,
do not proceed as far as the Interstate surface road, look for a left turn to the north onto Commerce Dr..
Take it to a "T" intersection Sign shows testing station to the right and you will turn left onto Sweetwater Dr.
and you should be there or very close and should be able to see the Sweetwater Wet Lands sign on your right & left.
If you do get back on the Interstate surface road just follow it and make the big circle all over again.
Sooner or later you will figure it out. :-) :-)


Don't worry about rest rooms, they have nice ones.


A nice parking lot with handicapped curbs also.


As you start your walk please note the hard surface walk ways which will accommodate wheel chairs.
On the left in this image this a plaque explaining the facility.


There are many of these plaques through out the grounds explaining what you are seeing.


Looking down one of the walkways you will a gazebo with benches in it.
Also note all of the nice shaded areas.



I know we came here for birds but often I will look up at the cloud formations.


Well, where are those birds we came to see?

Note all of the reeds in the foreground and around the water's edge.
You don't want to over look these reeds.



Besides the many colored Dragon flys


I'll let you identify the birds.




Above and below photos of what is called the "Key-Hole" pond because of the shape of the pier jeting out in the lake.

We are now on the extreme south end of the small lake.

As you can see there are many places to sit and view the area birds.


It's not a place you would like to swim in but the water birds love it.

Around the first of year this will filled migrating water foul of many types





I'll guess the following birds are Vireos/warblers of some type.

All along the walk ways there are very dense shrubs and they are full of birds.

Sit on one of those cement benches, don't move or make any noise and they will appear like magic.


Same bird from the back side.
Maybe it's that Philadelphia Vireo that has been seen here in the last few days 09/11/04.




Many types of ducks are generally on the water, I believe this is a Ruddy Duck.
Note it's bright blue bill.




Upon leaving I ran across this cute fellow.


I believe it's called a Sonoran Mud Turtle


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