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Driving the Highways & Byways
of Arizona with Earle Robinson as he searches for Arizona Wild Life


I just can't seem to stay away from the Grand Canyon.

I can remember the 1965 Robert Wise's song and movie
"The Sound of Music"

So I have decided to call this trip to the Grand Canyon



I want to dedicate this series of image I took during my 15 day stay at the South Rim of the Grand canyon to all of the many wonderful people that I met and talked with.

Before we start on this photo trip let say this.

I have always thought I have had it tough.
Every thing in my has come hard for me, and you too may have experienced that also.

While climbing to my place where I had decided to do some photography that firs morning I saw something that made feel real good about my self and soon forgot about the hard life.

So, when ever you think you got it bad, just remember this photograph.

What am I looking at?


And you thought you had a tough life.

By the way this tree is not dead. I climbed down to it and its branches were not brittle indicating it was only dormant and had not began to grow again this summer.

Now that I have shared this this little tib-bit with you let's get on with the show, shall we???

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