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One thing I forgot to mention. On the South Rim there are possibly several miles of nice paved walk ways. I am telling you this so if you are a handi capped person confined to a wheel chair or know of one you can see there are many possibilities of viewing the canyon.

By the way, and before we go any farther, I want you to know, everyone of these photos was taken with one of my Nikon Digital cameras.

For instance.

The red arrow is pointing to a disabled parking spot.
From here it is only 100 feet to the canyon's edge.


This is a photo taken from where that red arrow was pointing & looking North out over the canyon's edge.
Now that I see this photo I would say my 100 feet to the canyon's edge should be approximately 50 feet.


This is the North entrance to the Bright Angel restaurant, lodge, & gift shop.
Note how wide and flat the walk ways are.

I wanted to show these images so you would know there is no reason
for a person confined to a wheel chair not come to the Grand Canyon.


I believe I see some thing flitting around in those tree up there.
I think we had better take a quick look. Be very quite and don't move to quickly less we scare it away.

I thought so, it's cute little Mountain Chickadee.


Let's move back over by the rim wall, thought I saw a yellow flash in the shrubs.

What a beauty, it's a Yellow Warbler, must be migrating through,
I don't think they a year round resident up here.


Walking along the paved rim trail there is more to see than the canyon,
but then who could not notice the Canyon itself?



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