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Driving north on state route 88 or as it is some times called
"The Apache Trail" I took a quick stop at the:


One of the first signs of spring in Arizona is the blooming of the Beavertail Cactus. I say one of the first signs because we have so many blooms in the spring it's hard to nail down just one.

In the following images we will take a look at some of them.


Driving up the hill into the Lost Dutchman Park here is the first scene to meet your eye. As you drive into the parking area there are a few more views of the mountain. I know it's hard to see but, the yellow going up the mountain side is fields of Arizona & California Poppies. We'll get a closer look later on.



As I opened my car door in the parking lot here's the first thing I saw.



I didn't drive through the park because it's more of a hiking park rather than a drive through, and beside I would have had to walk over a mile to get close to those Poppies, but we get close to them later on.


Along the drive up to the front gate or entrance to the park there were a few Globe Mallows blooming. These flowers come in several colors. White, orange, rose, & blue. In another area I have seen fields of these Globe Mallows in bloom. Showing a filed of these blooming is not as colorful as you would think.


OK, let's leave this park and zip down south of Phoenix.
On I-10 west of Phoenix take state road 85 south to Baseline road, turn west on Baseline, go to the end of the road. Turn left onto Salome Rd. it will turn into Old Hwy. 80. just past the Dam you will see the fields of Orange Globe Mallow.

See next photo.





Well, since we are headed south, let's keep on going. This road will end in the town of Gila (HEELA) Bend. Turn right or south on state road 85 and continue to the town of WHY. Just north or just before you get into the town turn left (east) onto state road 86. About 3 miles before you get to state road 386 that takes you to Kit Peak you will see a sight that is almost unexplainable. The edges of the road and the fields on the north side of the hwy. are solid yellow with blues and purples mixed in. It would be an insult for me to add any thing to these photos so, I will put them on for you enjoyment.






You are going to be seeing yellows, oranges, (AZ./Cal. Poppies).











Light & dark blue/purple, (AZ. Lupine).





Small rose/lavender bloom (Owl Clover).






Are you ready for this. OK then, let's turn the lights off so the images will really jump out at you.

Let's do it now.

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