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Some of the views you about to see are just digital snap shots I have taken while out doing my bird photography as I drive through some of the Arizona Deserts and Mountains. If viewing these images should inspire you to do the same thing, please let me give you some free advise. Whether you are a local Arizona resident or an out of stater, please read and take heed of the following. I will not number these or put them in a prioritized order. This is because each is as important as the other.

Make sure your vehicle is in top notch condition. Cell phones do not work in many places on the Arizona deserts and in the mountains, nor do CB radios. Check your car's radiator, hoses, fan belts, and make sure you tires are in excellent condition. Have a spare and a good jack & tolls to change tires with. Also water for your car.

Personal care. March 3, & 4 while I was out shooting a lot of these photos, it was bright sunny, high 70's, very low humidity and I drank approx. 2.5 gallons of fluids per day. A sandwich or two and maybe a candy bar or 2.

Protect your self from the sun, even if it is cloudy. Suntan and UV blocker lotion. A hat that that protect the tops of your ears as well as your head. Many times I will soak my hat in water and then wear it. Sun glasses, protect the back of your neck, arms from the sun. If your not used to the sun cover up your bare parts. In May, June, July, August, & September its possible to a lethal sun burn in less that an hour in the Arizona sun. One bad thing about the Arizona Sun Burn is, You won't feel it until it's to late, or see it until it's to late.

Always let some one know when you go out on the desert. When you are going, where, and when you intend to be back. It's always go to have good maps, compass, and or a GPS that you can carry with you. In many places if you are 50 feet away from your car you won't be able to see it.

Good hiking boots/shoes are an absolute essential item, and make sure they fit well and you can walk comfortable in them.

Keep an eye out for snakes, lizards, and do not try to catch or go near them. Use a good walking stick.

I almost forgot one other thing. Bring along some good old common sense.

Before we hit the road let me show you a few bright red blooms that are on my patio. I just could not believe these were blooming again. At the end of Dec. they had stoped blooming, but now now have started all over again. So, let's take a quick look before we go.

I've always called these Christmas Cactus. However upon reading the card in the pot I see they are called another name. Here is a copy of the card in the pot.

The area I took these photos in is between Gila (Hee-la) Bend & Lukeville.
On Arizona State Highway 85. It's in green on the map.


To view a larger image and description of the
flowers & plants, click on photo.


Along the sides of the roads for as far as you can see, are deep blue/purple Arizona Lupine. Mixed in with these are the bright Pink/Orange Desert Globemallow. Also in the fields and road sides are the yellow/orange Mexican Gold, Desert Gold, & Arizona Poppy.


March, April, May are very good months to view the road side wild flowers of Arizona. Right now many of the roads in the south half of the state are in full bloom. Many of the mountain sides are yellow with the Brittlebush's bright yellow blooms. Many of the fields for as far as you can see are covered with a bright yellow carpet of Arizona Bladderpod blooms.


If you look closely you can see small red flowers,
approx. center left.
This is a Ocotillo "Oc-o-tee-o" in bloom.

The cactus on the right is an Organ Pipe cactus.


Many times while driving the Arizona back roads I see what I call not normal Saguaro cactus. By this I mean the arms do not seem to formed just right, and so I will take the time to photograph them and put the photo in my collection of cactus photos.

On the left is a Saguaro and I don't know what has happened to the main stalk but it is missing.

So, I shall call this one,
The cactus that has lost its head and can not find it.


If you keep a sharp eye out there are many interesting sights you can see. You can't just look for flowers or cactus, or you might miss an unusual sight high on the top of a mountain as in the photos below.

Below are three photos of the surrounding country side as I drove to bird photo destination.




I am almost to where I do some of my bird photography,
so I shall call it quits for this episode of on the Arizona Roads.



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