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In Tusayan Arizona about 2 miles from the entrance to the
South Rim of the Grand Canyon, the Elk are walking the streets in search of food and water.

This wouldn't be to bad of a thing if you were an Elk, but if you a car,or a person, look out. Elk's do not make good car hood ornaments, and they are much to heave if they should decide to jump up on your shoulders.

So, when driving through Tusayan on your way to the South Rim of the Canyon, please keep a sharp look out for beautiful creatures.


Don't ya think your a little to close bud?

Why don't ya back off a bit and give me some eatin room.

I really wasn't to close I was just using a telephoto lens.


Here they come early in the morning looking for food and drink.


Double trouble. No matter which way you may decide to go, they got you covered.


This could be your car its jumping over.
What do think about one of these jumping up on your shoulders?


These are also found all along the roads to the Grand Canyon.

Aug. 03/02


On my last trip (July 28/02 to Aug. 01-2002) to the both the South & North Rims of the Canyon I counted 23 dead Elk along side the roads.



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