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Chasing a some what rare migrant sea gull that was reported on the inter net
bird chat line to be on this small lake, is the reason I went there.

By the time I got there the bird had flown the coop, or rather in this case the lake.


However, if your in or visiting the greater Phoenix area
you may want to take an afternoon and visit this small, but unique city.

Here are a few digital camera images I made while there.


First a little information about Fountain Hills.

Driving east out of Phoenix on Shea Blvd. and as you come down the mountain
the first sign your entering into Fountains Hills is this.



About another mile or two down the mountain you will come to Saguaro Ave.
turning left or north, and in about two more miles and on your right you will
arrive at the site that makes the town famous.

A few facts about this very unique fountain.

I photographed these fact with my digital camera from the information place at the park.

Sure hope I am not infringing on any copy rights.




As you can see I also photographed the top of the stream of water.
On the left the sun is behind the fountain and on the right it is in front of it.




While I was there it operated for 10 minutes every hour on the hour.

While visiting don't forget to say high to





Even though I did not get to see the bird I went to see it was a lovely place to spend a few hours.
You can picnic, let the kids run wild, and just plain have a good time.
Yes, there is drinking fountains, and nice clean rest rooms in the park, plus many parking spaces.

Also it's geared to accommodate the handy capped.

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